Henry has worked as a voiceover artist in commercials, promo’s, radio plays and audio books. He has recorded for the BBC, ITV, The Discovery Channel and several registered charities including Reading Books.

Henry has recorded voiceovers for the computer games Baldur’s Gate III and Strange Brigade and he has worked extensively in performance capture. He recently recorded a character for United Magic Studios short film Solus and Strathie Films debut feature Solis.

Henry has three Voicereels. A general one, commercials and narration. You can listen to them on his spotlight page. He is able to record voiceovers from the comfort of his own home. Equipment details are at the bottom.

Spotlight Page

Henry’s self-produced audiobooks are all available on Audible including Fran Gabaldoni’s Childish Ways GN Hetherington’s Hugo Duchamp Investigates: Un Homme Qui Attend, The Chronicles of Canaan: A Boy Becomes a Warrior by Juan Marcos Bejarano Guttierez, Jedrek and the Pirate Princess by David Littlewood, Mixed Massages (II) by Jonathan Finch and Vision of Love by Dawn Brower.

6 Book

 Spotlight CV

Henry voiced a couple of characters in an online animated comedy series entitled Realms of Fightinge. Begin your experience. Henry is the interviewer as well as Viktor, the anxious German.


Henry records at home on his iMac using Audacity with an Audio Technica AT2020 XLR microphone and a Roland UA-55 Quad Capture audio interface.