New-Project-5-16Last year Henry filmed his first movie in India entitled Laal Kaptaan. An action epic staring Saif Ali Khan filmed in Mumbai and Rajasthan. This film is now available on Amazon Prime.

This year sees the release of Henry’s second lead in a feature film. An Italian/UK co-production entitled Cruel Peter. A film of the horror genre about an archaeologist and his deaf daughter who travel to Sicily to document an English cemetery hiding secrets. The film is released this year. The visual effects are being completed by an Italian company Makinarium who won two Donatello’s for the stunning SFX they created in the international feature film Tale of Tales.

Henry’s first foray into performance/motion capture was released this year. A Netflix mini-series entitled Love, Death and Robots directed by David Fincher and Tim Miller.


Last year Henry performed a role as a self-help Guru in a short film Overcoming Mars. The film was made by graduates of the Bournemouth University of Creative Arts and has currently been entered into Cannes.

After visiting 18 film festivals across 5 continents the short film Catch is now available to watch for free. A beautiful father/daughter story that he is immensely proud of and that’s generating a lot of intrigue at events and online. He was nominated for a Best Performer award at the Okotoks Film Festival. Have a look at the website


Last year saw the release of Henry’s first feature as the lead in a drama entitled Off-Piste. He plays Stanley Winters: an ex-soldier who resides as a recluse in the Swiss Alps after suffering from PTS due to a field operation that went seriously wrong. It’s available on Amazon and Amazon Prime.

Henry has appeared in many other docu-dramas including  Gunpowder Plot: Exploding the Legend, The Last Days of Anne Boleyn, How Sherlock Changed the World, The Cambridge Rapist and For the Love of Cars.