In my spare time I work creating showreels for actors and short promo videos for local companies.


As an actor I know how important it is to create a showreel that shows off the individual and builds the focus around them. I work with the advice of a number of casting directors in mind. Often the simpler the showreel, the better it is. I prefer to utilise footage you already have, but if more is needed, I can arrange to meet and create something very basic which shows off the actors talent. My rates are very reasonable. Below are links to some examples of my work. Please contact if you’re interested.

Andrea Gordon

Rebecca Banatvala

Annie Miles

Lila McNamara


I also create promotional videos for local companies. I can film simple footage and edit it together or work with material you already have. I can also convert footage from VHS cassettes. Below is my promotional work. Please contact if you’re interested.

Princes Hall Theatre Christmas BSL signed pantomime